January 29, 2016
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elementLengths was renamed -> elementNROWS in S4Vectors (new name reflects TRUE semantic, old name will be deprecated soon)

Herve Pages authored on 29/01/2016 01:22:03
July 15, 2013
View f3db568

renamed summarizeVariants to variantSummary the which in GsnapParam is now a GenomicRanges instead of a RangesList refactor the show method of BamTallyParam to rely on showAsCell

Michael Lawrence authored on 15/07/2013 23:41:54
September 12, 2012
View 15766c6

*drop passing of ... arg to method snps<- eventually dispatches on

Cory Barr authored on 12/09/2012 22:29:42
September 4, 2012
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GmapSnpDirectory replace method now accepts name arg

Cory Barr authored on 04/09/2012 22:50:45
August 21, 2012
View 0664293

handled case when GmapSnp obj is created with path to VCF, but no genome specified

Cory Barr authored on 21/08/2012 23:49:18
August 2, 2012
View b22faf0

renaming gmapR2 to gmapR: it lives again

Michael Lawrence authored on 02/08/2012 22:24:24