October 31, 2011
View 30c26df

Creating branch for BioC 2.9 release.

Dan Tenenbaum authored on 31/10/2011 23:05:58
October 19, 2011
View 88416b4

Restrict BAM selection to those known to be output by gsnap

Michael Lawrence authored on 19/10/2011 22:39:05
October 14, 2011
View 3d70bd0

Need to suggest RUnit because of unit tests.

Herve Pages authored on 14/10/2011 22:18:17
October 10, 2011
View b6683ab

Bump version, clean up DESCRIPTION

Michael Lawrence authored on 10/10/2011 18:15:29
October 6, 2011
View d3241fa

Add GsnapOutput class, for use with gmapQA

Michael Lawrence authored on 06/10/2011 20:28:33
September 23, 2011
View 4870f3f

added TODO

Cory Barr authored on 23/09/2011 18:02:46
View 51b9e69

removed installGmap.R. Functionality now in configureGmap.R

Cory Barr authored on 23/09/2011 02:13:10
View 5de8c9d

*alterations to script to install hg19, its splice sites, and dbSNP

Cory Barr authored on 23/09/2011 02:12:38
September 21, 2011
View ac99a3e

fixed wrong param passed in installGmapR.R script

Cory Barr authored on 21/09/2011 11:54:22
View f746b95

*decoupled HTSeqGenieBase from gmapR. Should not have to load HTSeqGenieBase. Might cause problems at present if you do.

Cory Barr authored on 21/09/2011 11:48:06
September 16, 2011
View 7c724f5

fixed typo: retriveGenomeFasta now defined as retrieveGenomeFasta

Cory Barr authored on 16/09/2011 09:00:06
View a006485

Use dirname() instead of basename().

Herve Pages authored on 16/09/2011 06:58:20
View c53268d

Modify buildGmapSpliceSites(), buildGmapIITFromFasta(), buildGsnapSNPIIT(), buildGmapIndex() and buildGmapDb(), so they don't delete tempdir() before they return.

Herve Pages authored on 16/09/2011 06:47:13
View 9b95135

Modify installGmap() so it doesn't delete tempdir() before it returns.

Herve Pages authored on 16/09/2011 06:23:24
September 15, 2011
View 74b2867

ran roxygen to regenerate collate field in DESCRIPTION

Cory Barr authored on 15/09/2011 00:36:55