November 24, 2015
View 5659f09

add raw total count statistic to tallies (everything else now qual filtered)

Michael Lawrence authored on 24/11/2015 22:19:59
November 13, 2015
View 685d60e

work towards supporting new bam_tally; drops quality info (now cutoff based), adds xs/nm/del and codon-level counts

Michael Lawrence authored on 13/11/2015 21:50:11
October 28, 2015
View f51bc89

Update gstruct (bam_tally)

Michael Lawrence authored on 28/10/2015 20:55:30
View 8418591

resurrect improvements that we reverted before the April release, expect breakage for a while

Michael Lawrence authored on 28/10/2015 18:51:00
April 14, 2015
View d5ed124

Reverted to r101133, along with NAMESPACE fixes

Michael Lawrence authored on 14/04/2015 21:40:44
View c8fd96e

Recent work towards supporting the new features... will revert back to a stable version immediately...

Michael Lawrence authored on 14/04/2015 21:32:10
March 25, 2015
View f58d4e9

update gstruct/bamtally

Michael Lawrence authored on 25/03/2015 20:25:05
October 11, 2014
View 796d80e

delete some unneeded? gstruct src files

Michael Lawrence authored on 11/10/2014 20:34:23
August 26, 2014
View 52563ef

incorporate Tom's bugfix to bamtally when there are no reads at a position. Fixes segfault in R CMD check VariantTools

Gabriel Becker authored on 26/08/2014 20:33:39
August 14, 2014
View cfb01d1

some fiddling, disable maintainer mode, vbump

Gabriel Becker authored on 14/08/2014 20:39:03
View 6cc263e

seems to work now. Something weird going on, needs -O0 when building gstruct

Gabriel Becker authored on 14/08/2014 19:13:43
August 13, 2014
View b0aa06a

fix checkin of codontally code

Gabriel Becker authored on 13/08/2014 21:49:41
August 11, 2014
View c78be69

add codon tally support. No vbump yet

Gabriel Becker authored on 11/08/2014 23:42:48
July 3, 2014
View d71517d

once again, disable maintainer mode for gstruct

Michael Lawrence authored on 03/07/2014 23:40:24
June 6, 2014
View 52b3ca6

update gstruct (hopefully fix build)

Michael Lawrence authored on 06/06/2014 22:10:15