\title{Class \code{"GsnapOutput"}}
   A \code{GsnapOutput} object stores locations of data output by the
   GSNAP alignment algorithm.
 \section{Objects from the Class}{
   \code{GsnapOutput} objects are created from the \link{gsnap} function,
   though the function \code{GsnapOutput} can also be used as a constructor.
   In the code snippets below, \code{x} is a GsnapOutput object.
        \code{as(x, BamFile)},
        \code{as(x, BamFileList)}:
        Returns either a BamFile or BamFileList object containing paths
      to the output of GSNAP.
      converts all gsnap SAM files to BAM files and creates the .bai
      index files.
   Michael Lawrence