September 11, 2019
View 7a94bf43

Changes to ggdensitree removed branch.length default dangle -> added branch length to example added new example with heterochronous tips

brj1 authored on 11/09/2019 18:14:26
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Guangchuang Yu authored on 11/09/2019 01:39:19
September 10, 2019
View a88f71ef

Added ggdensitree method ggdensitree can plot lists of phylogenetic trees (or list of treedata) such that - tips are aligned in the y axis and - tips can optionally (actually default) be aligned in the x axis - colouring of edges can be match to an aesthetic/scale Node and tip labelling can only be done on the first tree in the list

brj1 authored on 10/09/2019 22:31:48