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gheatmap(p, data, offset = 0, width = 1, low = "green",
  high = "red", color = "white", colnames = TRUE,
  colnames_position = "bottom", colnames_angle = 0,
  colnames_level = NULL, colnames_offset_x = 0,
  colnames_offset_y = 0, font.size = 4, hjust = 0.5,
  legend_title = "value")
\item{p}{tree view}

\item{data}{matrix or data.frame}

\item{offset}{offset of heatmap to tree}

\item{width}{total width of heatmap, compare to width of tree}

\item{low}{color of lowest value}

\item{high}{color of highest value}

\item{color}{color of heatmap cell border}

\item{colnames}{logical, add matrix colnames or not}

\item{colnames_position}{one of 'bottom' or 'top'}

\item{colnames_angle}{angle of column names}

\item{colnames_level}{levels of colnames}

\item{colnames_offset_x}{x offset for column names}

\item{colnames_offset_y}{y offset for column names}

\item{font.size}{font size of matrix colnames}

\item{hjust}{hjust for column names (0: align left, 0.5: align center, 1: align righ)}

\item{legend_title}{title of fill legend}
tree view
append a heatmap of a matrix to right side of phylogenetic tree
Guangchuang Yu