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  fill = "steelblue",
  color = "white",
  alpha = 0.5,
  extend = 0,
  extendto = NULL
\item{node}{selected node (balance) to highlight}

\item{fill}{color fill}

\item{color}{color to outline highlights and divide balance}

\item{alpha}{alpha (transparency)}

\item{extend}{extend xmax of the rectangle}

\item{extendto}{extend xmax to extendto}
highlights the two direct descendant clades of an internal node
Particularly useful when studying neighboring clades. Note that balances that
correspond to multichotomies will not be displayed.
J. Silverman, et al. \emph{A phylogenetic transform enhances
analysis of compositional microbiota data}. (in preparation)
Justin Silverman and modified by Guangchuang Yu