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pg \%<+\% data
\item{pg}{ggplot2 object}

\item{data}{annotation data}
ggplot object with annotation data added
add annotation data to a tree
nwk <- system.file("extdata", "sample.nwk", package="treeio")
tree <- read.tree(nwk)
p <- ggtree(tree)
dd <- data.frame(taxa=LETTERS[1:13],
   		 place=c(rep("GZ", 5), rep("HK", 3), rep("CZ", 4), NA),
             value=round(abs(rnorm(13, mean=70, sd=10)), digits=1))
row.names(dd) <- NULL
p \%<+\% dd + geom_text(aes(color=place, label=label), hjust=-0.5)
G Yu, TTY Lam, H Zhu, Y Guan (2018). Two methods for mapping and visualizing associated data
on phylogeny using ggtree. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 35(2):3041-3043.
Guangchuang Yu