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geom_label2(mapping = NULL, data = NULL, ..., stat = "identity",
  position = "identity", family = "sans", parse = FALSE,
  nudge_x = 0, nudge_y = 0, label.padding = unit(0.25, "lines"),
  label.r = unit(0.15, "lines"), label.size = 0.25, na.rm = TRUE,
  show.legend = NA, inherit.aes = TRUE)
\item{mapping}{the aesthetic mapping}

\item{data}{A layer specific dataset -
only needed if you want to override the plot defaults.}

\item{...}{other arguments passed on to 'layer'}

\item{stat}{Name of stat to modify data}

\item{position}{The position adjustment to use for overlapping points on this layer}

\item{family}{sans by default, can be any supported font}

\item{parse}{if TRUE, the labels will be parsed as expressions}

\item{nudge_x}{horizontal adjustment}

\item{nudge_y}{vertical adjustment}

\item{label.padding}{Amount of padding around label.}

\item{label.r}{Radius of rounded corners.}

\item{label.size}{Size of label border, in mm}



label layer
geom_label2 support aes(subset) via setup_data
Guangchuang Yu