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      <description> Vignettes  ggtree Tree Data Import Tree Visualization Tree Annotation Tree Manipulation Advance Tree Annotation ggtree utilities Phylomoji    Blog posts  News and updates  viewing and annotating phylogenetic tree with ggtree ggtree in Bioconductor 3.1 BioC 3.1: NEWS of my BioC packages BioC 3.2: NEWS of my BioC packages News of ggtree BioC 3.3: NEWS of my BioC packages BioC 3.4: NEWS of my BioC packages ggtree paper published    Data manipulation  subsetting data in ggtree ggtree supports phylip tree format convert graphic object to tree object using treeio    Tree visualization  ggtree - updating a tree view an example of drawing beast tree using ggtree Phylogenetic trees in R using ggtree Growing a ggtree Growing a ggtree - part 2, adding tip shapes Drawing a tree with colored tips in R (ggtree)    Tree annotation  label edge number in ggtree Edge coloring with user data subview Annotate a phylogenetic tree with insets ggtree annotate phylogenetic tree with local images embed images in ggplot2 via subview and annotate a phylogenetic tree with images using inset function identify method for ggtree facet_plot: a general solution to associate data with phylogenetic tree align genomic features with phylogenetic tree ggjoy facet with ggtree xlim_tree: set x axis limits for only Tree panel add layer to specific panel of facet_plot output Enhanced annotation of a primate phylogeny with ggtree    Tree manipulation  flip and rotate branches in ggtree Subtrees as triangles with ggtree    Application  ggtree for microbiome data ggtree for outbreak data ggtree version of plotTree reproducible logo generated by ggtree    Funny stuff  ggtree with funny fonts comic phylogenetic tree with ggtree and comicR use emoji font in R     Slides  Generating publication quality figures using R &amp;amp; ggplot2 ggtree for visualization and annotation of phylogenetic trees    Video  interactive clade highlighting interactive rotating clades interactive clade labeling R语言包ggtree 进化树绘图    Workflow  recreate a tree from a publication (Bloom et al, Science 2010)    Workshop  Visualizing and Annotating Phylogenetic Trees with R+ggtree   </description>