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\title{Finds pathways including a given gene.}
gene2pathways(rp, genes, and = TRUE)
\item{rp}{A repository created by \code{\link{createRepository}}.}

\item{genes}{A vector of gene identifiers of the same type as that
used to create the repository.}

\item{and}{If set to TRUE (default), will return sets containing
all of \code{genes}. Otherwise will return the sets containing
any of \code{genes}.}
A database of pathways suitable as input to
Given a gene, find the set of pathways that involve it in each
collection of the repository. This can be used to define a set of
pathways for the \code{\link{PathSEA}}.
db <- loadSamplePWS()
repo_path <- file.path(tempdir(), "gep2pepTemp")

rp <- createRepository(repo_path, db)

## Finding all pathways containing "FAM126A":
subpw <- gene2pathways(rp, "FAM126A")


unlink(repo_path, TRUE)

createRepository, PathSEA