fcScan ====== fcScan is a Bioconductor package aiming at clustering genomic features based on a defined window size and combination of sites. Dependencies ----------- The below R packages are required for installation: + stats + plyr + utils + VariantAnnotation + SummarizedExperiment + rtracklayer + GenomicRanges + IRanges + foreach + doParallel + parallel Installation ------------ 1. Git clone the project directory `git clone https://github.com/pkhoueiry/fcScan.git` 2. From the terminal run `R CMD build fcScan` 3. Run `R CMD check fcScan_1.7.4.tar.gz` 4. Run `R CMD BiocCheck fcScan_1.7.4.tar.gz` 5. Install package by `R CMD INSTALL fcScan_1.7.4.tar.gz` 6. Start R and load library using `library(fcScan)`