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## epivizrServer Methods providing WebSocket connection server and request/response message handling for the epiviz JS application []( These functions have been extracted from the `epivizr` [Bioconductor package]( into its own package for easier use and maintenance. It is based on the [httpuv]( package, which provides an interface to the libuv networking library. ## Usage ```{r} library(EpivizrServer) # create the server (but it's not started yet) server <- createServer(port=7123, verbose=FALSE) # register a callback to evaluate when a request with given action # is received server$register_action("getData", function(request_data) {list(x=1,y=3)}) # start the server server$start_server() # send a request with callback to evaluate when successful response is received server$send_request(list(x=2,y=5), function(response_data) {cat(response_data$x)}) # in Windows platform this is required to listen and respond to requests server$service() # when done, stop the server server$stop_server() # in interactive sessions it is good practice # to add a `stop_server` call to the R exit hooks # to release network port used server$start_server() on.exit(server$stop_server()) ```