Name Mode Size
D-2238.chr22.region.methClone_out.gz 100644 1 kb
D-2668.chr22.region.methClone_out.gz 100644 0 kb
N-1.chr22.region.methClone_out.gz 100644 1 kb
N-2.chr22.region.methClone_out.gz 100644 1 kb
# epihet Introduction epiHet is a R package to calculate the intra-tumoral epigenetic heterogeneity and performing differentially epigenetic heterogeneity analysis from high-throughput bisulfite sequencing. epihet implements a biological network analysis workflow for transforming cancer type-specific differentially epigenetic heterogeneity loci into cancer-related biological function and clinical biomarker. How to use The input bam file may be obtained from bisseq pipeline ( for aligning bisulfite sequencing reads.