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\title{Make GenomicRanges Object}
readGR(files, ids, n)
\item{files}{A vector of files containing methcolone output}

\item{ids}{A vector of sample ids for the files}

\item{n}{The index of the file vector to be read}
A GenomicRanges object containing pdr, epipolymorphism, and
Shannon entropy values for the nth file
Creates a GenomicRanges file for a singular methclone ouput file
files <- c(system.file("extdata","D-2238.chr22.region.methClone_out.gz",package = "epihet"),
system.file("extdata","D-2668.chr22.region.methClone_out.gz",package = "epihet"),
system.file("extdata","N-1.chr22.region.methClone_out.gz",package = "epihet"),
system.file("extdata","N-2.chr22.region.methClone_out.gz",package = "epihet"))
ids <- epihet::splitn(basename(files),"[.]",1)
GR.Object <- epihet::readGR(files = files, ids = ids, n = 3)