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\title{Make List of GenomicRanges Object}
makeGR(files, ids, cores = 5, sve = FALSE)
\item{files}{A vector of input files containing methclone output files,
the suffix of files should be methClone_out.gz}

\item{ids}{A vector of sample ids for the files}

\item{cores}{The number of cores to be used for parallel execution
(default: 5)}

\item{sve}{A boolean to save the GenomicRanges object (default: FALSE)}
A list, each element is a data frame of GenomicRanges objects 
containing pdr, epipolymorphism, and Shannon entropy values for each 
input file. Saves as an epi.gr.rda extension
Creates a GenomicRanges object for each methclone output file
path <- system.file('extdata', package = 'epihet')
files <- dir(path = path, pattern = 'methClone_out.gz',
            recursive = TRUE, full.names = TRUE)
ids <- basename(dirname(files))
GR.List <- epihet::makeGR(files = files, ids = ids,
cores = 1, sve = FALSE)