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\title{pathway annotation}
epiPathway(gene.list, cutoff = 0.05, showCategory = 8, prefix = NA, pdf.height = 10,
  pdf.width = 10)
\item{gene.list}{a data frame generated from network.construct() function.
The first column is gene entrez ID, the second column is module lable,
the third column is module color}

\item{cutoff}{Cutoff value of pvalue for pathway enrichment (default:0.05)}

\item{showCategory}{number of categories to show (default:8)}
\item{prefix}{a prefix for PDF file name}

\item{pdf.height}{An integer representing the height (in inches)
of the outputted boxplot pdf file (default: 10)}

\item{pdf.width}{An integer representing the width (in inches) of
the outputted boxplot pdf file (default: 10)}
a data frame containing pathways that are significantly enriched
by genes from one module
pathway identification significantly enriched by genes
in one module.
stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
pathway <- epihet::epiPathway(genelist,cutoff = 0.05,showCategory = 2,
                             prefix="CEBPA_sil",pdf.height = 10,
                             pdf.width = 10)