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\title{Make MA Plot}
epiMA(pval.matrix, padjust.cutoff = 0.05, pch = ".", sve = FALSE, pointsize = 1.5)
\item{pval.matrix}{The data frame returned from the
diffHet() function that contains means, p-values,
adjusted p-values, and heterogeneity difference}

\item{padjust.cutoff}{The adjusted p-value cutoff
to confirm a significant value. (default: 0.05)}

\item{pch}{The plotting character to be used in the
MA plot (default: '.')}

\item{sve}{A boolean to save the plot (default: FALSE)}
\item{pointsize}{A numeric value to adjust point size (default: 1.5)}  
A figure
Creates an MA plot from the differential
heterogeneity data calculated from the diffHet()
function. For each loci, graphs the average of both
group means on the x-axis and the heterogeneity difference
on the y-axis. Graphs coordinates with significant adjusted
p-values in red.
3.45e-02,2.99e-02,3.68e-02, 4.60e-02, 5.65e-10, 9.18e-10,
9.98e-11),p.adjust=c(8.84e-03,2.76e-02, 2.04e-02, 5.01e-02,
4.56e-02, 5.24e-02, 6.08e-02, 3.74e-08, 5.22e-08,

epiMA(pval.matrix = diff.het.matrix, padjust.cutoff = 0.05,
pch = ".", sve = TRUE, pointsize = 1.5)