April 24, 2018

edgeR 3.21.10 - Fix incorrect implementation of weights in adjustedProfileLik; - nbinomUnitDeviance now respects vectors; - Change glmTreat default to lfc=log2(1.2); - Update the user's guide; - Update NEWS.Rd.

Yunshun Chen authored on 24/04/2018 07:11:24
February 2, 2018

edgeR 3.21.8 - New function read10X to read 10X Genomics files; - Implemented more CompressedMatrix methods to avoid user-side errors; - DGEList takes 'group' from 'samples' only if samples has a column called group.

Yunshun Chen authored on 02/02/2018 00:05:42
September 15, 2017

edgeR 3.19.6 - New arg 'group' for mglmOneWay(); - 'design' arg for predFC() is now compulsory; - Switched 'coef.start' back to a vector in mglmOneGroup(); - New functions cpmByGroup() and rpkmByGroup(); - Renamed arg 'x' to 'y' in cpm() and rpkm(); - Restored null dispersion check in glmFit(); - Removed 'offset' arg from glmQLFit() to be consistent with glmFit(); - Exported CompressedMatrix subset operator; - Refactored C++ code with greater C++11 support to use Rcpp; - Streamlined input dimension checks in C++ code; - Supported zero-row input to addPriorCounts() C++ code; - Replaced deque with vector in C++ code; - Added a case study of differential methylation analysis to the user's guide.

Yunshun Chen authored on 15/09/2017 03:37:15
June 30, 2017

- Rename compressedMatrix to CompressedMatrix. - Define group generic binary operations for CompressedMatrix objects.

Gordon Smyth authored on 30/06/2017 00:19:52
October 4, 2016

edgeR 3.15.6 - improved memory efficiency - modified glmTreat() behaviour - incorporated weights to estimateDisp() - added makeCompressedMatrix(), addPriorCount()

Yunshun Chen authored on 04/10/2016 23:59:20