edge 2.1.1:
- Moderated F-test has been added for likelihood ratio test
- Weights can be inputted into odp/lrt which allows it to work for RNA-Seq experiments with low samples
- added function apply_jackstraw
- fixed bug in build_study

edge 2.0.0:

The edge package was first released in 2005 and described in the publication:

Jeffrey T. Leek, Eva Monsen, Alan R. Dabney, and John D. Storey. Edge:
extraction and analysis of differential gene expression. Bioinformatics,
22(4):507–508, 2006.

It was an independently released R package by the John Storey Lab, which
included multi-threading and a graphical user interface.  However, edge has been
updated and will now be made available through Bioconductor; edge >=2.0.0 is the 
new version released through Bioconductor.