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\title{Statistic type used in analysis}

\item{object}{\code{S4 object}: \code{\linkS4class{deFit}}}
\code{sType} returns the statistic type- either "odp" or "lrt".
Access the statistic type in a \code{\linkS4class{deFit}} object. Can
either be the optimal discovery procedure (odp) or the likelihood ratio
test (lrt).
# import data
age <- kidney$age
sex <- kidney$sex
kidexpr <- kidney$kidexpr
cov <- data.frame(sex = sex, age = age)

# create models
null_model <- ~sex
full_model <- ~sex + ns(age, df = 4)

# create deSet object from data
de_obj <- build_models(data = kidexpr, cov = cov, null.model = null_model,
full.model = full_model)

# run fit_models to get model fits
de_fit <- fit_models(de_obj)

# extract the statistic type of model fits
stat_type <- sType(de_fit)

John Storey, Andrew Bass
\code{\link{fit_models}}, \code{\linkS4class{deFit}} and