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\title{The differential expression class for the model fits}
Object returned from \code{\link{fit_models}} containing information
regarding the model fits for the experiment.

\item{\code{fit.full}}{\code{matrix}: containing fitted values for the full model.}

\item{\code{fit.null}}{\code{matrix}: containing fitted values for the null model.}

\item{\code{res.full}}{\code{matrix}: the residuals of the full model.}

\item{\code{res.null}}{\code{matrix}: the residuals of the null model.}

\item{\code{dH.full}}{\code{vector}: contains diagonal elements in the projection
matrix for the full model.}

\item{\code{beta.coef}}{\code{matrix}: fitted coefficients for the full model.}

\item{\code{stat.type}}{\code{string}: information on the statistic of interest.
Currently, the only options are ``lrt'' and ``odp''.}

 \item{\code{fitNull(deFit)}}{Access fitted data from null model.}
 \item{\code{fitFull(deFit)}}{Access fitted data from full model.}
 \item{\code{resNull(deFit)}}{Access residuals from null model fit.}
 \item{\code{resFull(deFit)}}{Access residuals from full model fit.}
 \item{\code{betaCoef(deFit)}}{Access beta coefficients in linear model.}
 \item{\code{sType(deFit)}}{Access statistic type of model fitting utilized
 in function.}
John Storey, Jeffrey Leek, Andrew Bass