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[![Build Status](]( [![Coverage Status](]( # Overview of drawProteins This package has been created to allow the visualisation of protein schematics based on the data obtained from the [Uniprot Protein Database]( <img src="" height="200" align="right" /> ## The basic workflow is: <li> to provide one or more Uniprot IDs <li> get a list of features from the Uniprot API <li> draw the basic chains of these proteins <li> add features as desired drawProteins uses the package `httr` to interact with the Uniprot API and extract a JSON object into R. The JSON object is used to create a data.table. The graphing package `ggplot2` is then used to create the protein schematic. The Vignette gives a good overview of the package. Sample script on [R for Biochemists blog]( The `master` version of this package is available through [Bioconductor]( The `development` version is currently available here through GitHub. To install and use development branch: ======= This package is available through [Bioconductor]( Installation instructions and documentation are [available]( To install from Github: ```{r, eval = FALSE} if (!require(devtools)) { install.packages('devtools') } dev_mode(on=TRUE) devtools::install_github('brennanpincardiff/drawProteins') ``` ----------------------------------------------------- Please cite the following article when using `drawProteins`: __Brennan P__. drawProteins: a Bioconductor/R package for reproducible and programmatic generation of protein schematics [version 1; referees: 2 approved]. __*F1000Research*__ 2018, 7:1105 ------------------------------------------------------- Feedback is <b>very</b> welcome. Please raise [Github issues]( to provide bug reports, give feedback or request features.