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derfinderPlot [![Build Status](]( ============= Addon package with plotting functions for [derfinder]( results. # Installation instructions Get R 3.1.1 or newer from [CRAN]( ```R ## From Bioconductor source('') biocLite('derfinderPlot') ``` # Vignette The vignette for this package can be viewed [here]( or via [Bioconductor's website]( # Citation Use [derfinder's citation]( information. # Travis CI This package is automatically tested thanks to [Travis CI]( and [r-travis]( If you want to add this to your own package use: ```R ## Use devtools to create the .travis.yml file library('devtools') use_travis('yourPackage') ## Read to configure .travis.yml appropriately ## Add a status image by following the info at ``` Testing on R-devel for Bioc-devel is feasible thanks to [r-builder](