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Merge branch 'mymac'

* mymac:
add AffyGW.pdf
update vignettes in inst/scripts
Change argument of validCEL to celfiles
Update constructInf to accommodate GenomeDataFrame class for featureData
bump version to 1.13.7
Add doRUnit.R
Add celfile-utils.Rd
Streamlne some of the Rd files
add validCEL function that checks whether all celfiles can be read
getFeatureData returns GenomeAnnotatedDataFrame
Remove imports from methods. Remove pdf of illumina_copynumber.pdf (large file) and copynumber.pdf
getFeatureDAta returns GenomeAnnotatedDataFrame
Remove separate vignette for copy number in inst/scripts. Include copynumber section in both affy and illumina pipelines.
update documentation files for genotype.Illumina, preprocessInf, and genotypeInf (cdfName added as argument. Indicate that 'batch' should be a character string)
pass cdfName to genotypeInf and preprocessInf
add unitTests and cn-functions for 'simple usage'
Combine AffyPreprocess and copynumber. Combine IlluminaPreprocess and copynumber
remove depency on ff to allow installation on my mac

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