November 19, 2009
View 96d10c6

cleaned up a few of the classes. defined new class called CNSet to take the place of CrlmmSet

Rob Scharp authored on 19/11/2009 14:59:04
November 15, 2009
View bf8acd0

numerous changes to the code and class definitions used for copy number estimation

Rob Scharp authored on 15/11/2009 10:46:23
October 16, 2009
View 3ddde61

updated vignettes for illumina and affy

Rob Scharp authored on 16/10/2009 12:08:21
October 9, 2009
View e4e0b21

bug fixes

Rob Scharp authored on 09/10/2009 12:47:42
October 4, 2009
View 2ae7850

changes to crlmmWrapper. updated vignettes in inst/scripts.

Rob Scharp authored on 04/10/2009 02:37:32
September 21, 2009
View 8a17c11

Fixed R CMD check warnings due to missing or suspect links in man pages. Bumped version number.

Chao-Jen Wong authored on 21/09/2009 05:03:11
August 14, 2009
View bd722b7

changes to vignette. removed crlmmIlluminaWrapper function. added boxplot method

Rob Scharp authored on 14/08/2009 14:14:25
August 13, 2009
View 43b13ec

several updates to vignette, documentation, and copy number for illumina.

Rob Scharp authored on 13/08/2009 19:47:13
July 31, 2009
View f9b19c6

Fixing several warnings and notes

Benilton Carvalho authored on 31/07/2009 04:51:13
July 24, 2009
View 4b098e3

Removed scanDate slot from eSet and replaced it with protocolData slot. Also updated eSet objects and bumped package version numbers.

Patrick Aboyoun authored on 24/07/2009 03:16:33
July 16, 2009
View c336ded

added scanDates<- for CrlmmSetList. Suggests VanillaICE>=1.7.8

Rob Scharp authored on 16/07/2009 13:32:48
July 14, 2009
View 9a0ac5c

computeCopynumber requires 10 or more samples

Rob Scharp authored on 14/07/2009 19:45:10
View b9c7172

computeCopynumber returns CrlmmSetList object

Rob Scharp authored on 14/07/2009 17:22:19
July 6, 2009
View 6446394

beginning of copy number methods for illumina. some work on copy number estimation for chromosome X

Rob Scharp authored on 06/07/2009 19:24:27
June 25, 2009
View 38fb1b8

added classes/methods for intermediate files and copy number analysis; added wrapper for preprocessing and genotypes.

Rob Scharp authored on 25/06/2009 12:54:08