October 1, 2011
View 729e92c

assigne basename(filenames) to sns if sns is missing in constructAffy function.

Rob Scharp authored on 01/10/2011 04:45:05
View 087fb22

crlmm on github

Rob Scharp authored on 01/10/2011 04:44:58
View 18053f2

removed extraneous line in rowMAD

Rob Scharp authored on 01/10/2011 04:44:43
September 29, 2011
View 82ef3a7

Removed 'signed=FALSE' args from calls to readBin() in readIDAT() and readBPM() when size is something other than 1 or 2 (produced warnings - thanks to Kasper Daniel Hansen for reporting this)

unknown authored on 29/09/2011 07:09:34
August 12, 2011
View 01aea5e

Added 'humancytosnp12v2p1h' as a new chip type for Illumina arrays

unknown authored on 12/08/2011 06:42:13
July 21, 2011
View a4fb744

Modified readIDAT man page

unknown authored on 21/07/2011 06:40:34
View 5db4985

Export low-level processing function readIDAT() (as requested by Kasper Daniel Hansen)

unknown authored on 21/07/2011 04:29:31
April 30, 2011
View a085d56

removed extra citheader

Rob Scharp authored on 30/04/2011 11:38:33
View 3b0cd9b

Add JSS paper to CITATION

Rob Scharp authored on 30/04/2011 01:50:04
View 531a14f

check that batch length is same as length of filenames in constructAffy. Add additional documentation for CNSet class man page.

Rob Scharp authored on 30/04/2011 01:49:59
April 14, 2011
View 7398939

Removing PDF versions of the vignettes (they get automatically built by the build system during 'R CMD build'), as well as other temporary/unneeded files.

Herve Pages authored on 14/04/2011 01:14:51
April 13, 2011
View c1476f6

Bumped version numbers again for new BioC 2.9 devel cycle.

Dan Tenenbaum authored on 13/04/2011 22:36:43
View 9e2bb87

Bumped version numbers for BioC 2.8 release.

Dan Tenenbaum authored on 13/04/2011 22:27:35
April 8, 2011
View 415a3b0

fit.lm4 returns a CNSet object if assayData elements are matrices

Rob Scharp authored on 08/04/2011 19:05:07
April 3, 2011
View 7cc879b

bug fix in 'computeSummary' function

Rob Scharp authored on 03/04/2011 02:50:01