2009-03-01  Benilton Carvalho <bcarvalh@jhsph.edu> - committed version 1.0.40

* Added TODO file

* Added CHANGES file

* Reduced number of files in R/ by combining functions for a given methodology (crlmm / cnrma)

* Files with suffix XYZ-functions.R should have *functions* for methodology XYZ

* Files with suffix XYZ-methods.R should have *methods* for methodology XYZ

* Imported assayDataNew from Biobase

* Added inst/scripts to store vignettes that can't be built by BioC
due to the fact that they depend on external data not available as
BioC data packages

* Added crlmmSet class and calls/confs methods

2009-03-08 Benilton Carvalho <bcarvalh@jhsph.edu> - committed version 1.0.55

* Added biocViews

* Removed empty \details{} in cnrma.Rd

2009-03-14 Benilton Carvalho <bcarvalh@jhsph.edu> - committed version 1.0.56

* Loaded data in cnrma-functions.R to an environment and extracted from there
  so we can get rid of the NOTES complaining about 'no visible bindings'.

2009-03-18 Rob Scharpf <rscharpf@jhsph.edu> - committed version 1.0.57
* Added steps object to instantiateObjects to speed up debugging
* Reformulated the regression for chromosome X
   -  estimate cross-hybridization using chromosome X
* Take into account pseudo-autosomal regions on chr X for copy number estimation
* Replaced get() and assign() with '<-' operations to improve readability
* Function to compute posterior means of copy number estimates

2009-03-19 Rob Scharpf - committed version 1.0.59
* Requires genomewidesnp6Crlmm version 1.0.1 or greater

2009-03-25 Rob Scharpf - committed version 1.0.60
* simplified some of the preliminary steps for the computeCopynumber function
* crlmm output subset within the body of the function
* modified vignette -- store results in an oligoSnpSet object (for now)
* added function to extract the date from the celfile headers (celDates)

2009-03-25 Rob Scharpf - committed version 1.0.61
* update to copynumber vignette

2009-03-27 B Carvalho - committed version 1.0.62

* crlmm() returns a SnpSet object (from Biobase)

* fixed standard vignette to accommodate this change

* redefined calls/confs to accommodate this change

* fixed documentation to acommodate this change

2009-03-28 B Carvalho - committed version 1.0.64
* modified crlmm and cnrma to look for data at extdata/

2009-03-29 Rob Scharpf - committed version 1.0.65

* update to copynumber vignette

* updated computeCopynumber.Rd to accommodate SnpSet objects and
  changes to genomewidesnp6Crlmm

* cnrma function requires the cdfName

* update man files for cnrma and computeCopynumber

2009-03-30 Matt Ritchie - committed version 1.0.66

* added functions to read in idat files, pre-process and genotype 
data from Illumina SNP arrays (functions named readIdatFiles() 
and crlmmIllumina() in crlmm-illumina.R)
* added man pages for these functions

2009-04-01 Matt Ritchie - committed version 1.0.67

* added import statement for normalize.quantiles

2009-04-01 R.Scharpf - committed version 1.0.69

* added a few items to the crlmm TODOs

2009-04-03 B Carvalho - committed version 1.0.70


2009-04-04 R.Scharpf - committed version 1.0.71

*  bug in oneBatch function for chromosome X.  added additional checks for missing values

2009-04-06 Matt Ritchie - committed version 1.0.72

* new argument in readIdatFiles() 'saveDate', which saves the date and time each array
is decoded and scanned
* results from crlmmIllumina() now saved as 'SnpSet' just like crlmm()
* reorganised Illumina preprocessing functions slightly to
  - allow copy number intensities to be saved along with snp intensities
  - make use of new indexing objects in the chip specific crlmm data packages
  - fix a few bugs

2009-04-07 Rob Scharpf - committed version 1.0.73

* added cdfName as argument to computeCopynumber

2009-04-07 B Carvalho - committed version 1.0.74

* Added documentation for snprma.

* Removed 'svn:executable' property of readIdatFiles.Rd

2009-04-07 Rob Scharpf - committed version 1.0.75

* modifications to chromosome X copy number estimation

2009-04-07 Rob Scharpf - committed version 1.0.76

* fixed bug in cnrma

2009-04-07 Rob Scharpf - committed version 1.0.77

* cnrma accepts other cdfNames

* fixed bug in cnrma

2009-04-07 Rob Scharpf - committed version 1.0.78

* added conf as argument to instantiateObjects

2009-04-08 Matt Ritchie - committed version 1.0.79

* fixed bug in readIDAT and readIdatFiles from reading in RunInfo header information

2009-04-07 B Carvalho - committed version 1.0.80 (advantages of being a lot of hours behind)

* Fixed downstream vignette to account for the SnpSet object being returned by crlmm

* Fixed some minor status messages

2009-04-09 R Scharpf - committed version 1.0.81

* added a skeleton of a copy number vignette for the illumina platform (illumina_copynumber.Rnw) to inst/scripts

2009-04-27 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.1

* Fixed bug in nonpolymorphic() function

2009-05-07 Matt Ritchie - committed version 1.3.2

* Updated usage of sampleNames() on NChannelSet objects in Illumina functions to maintain consistency with Biobase

2009-06-08 B Carvalho - committed version 1.3.3

* Added batchQC to phenoData

2009-06-08 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.4

* fixed bug in the biasAdjNP function.  updated biasAdj function

2009-06-20 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.5

* created CrlmmSetList, ABset, and CopyNumberSet classes.  
  - added a few methods to support these classes

* crlmmWrapper does normalization / genotyping and optionally splits
  the results by chromosome

* several changes to the copynumber vignette

2009-06-29 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.6

* updated computeCopynumber
* export A, B methods for ABset class

2009-07-01 M Ritchie - committed version 1.3.7

* made memory savings to reading and normalization if Illumina data
* Now use 'protocolData' slot to save scan dates instead of saving them in phenoData slot
* added vignette for genoytping illumina data (crlmmIllumina.pdf in inst/doc and crlmmIllumina.Rnw in inst/scripts)
* Changed stop() to warning() when idats are of different type in readIdatFiles()

2009-07-06 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.8

* initial development of copy number methods for illumina platform

* added Rd files for previously defined classes/methods

* some improvements to chromosome X copy number estimation

2009-07-06 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.9

* fixed bugs in biasAdj and biasAdjNP

2009-07-09 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.10

* changed defaults for crlmmWrapper: save.it=FALSE

* splitByChr method looks for 'chr' or 'chromosome' in colnames 

* sample-specific standard deviations in the .getEmission function

* add check for duplicated positions in creating locusset object

* computeCopynumber returns an object of class CrlmmSetList
  - dimnames for the elements in the list are the same

  - elements in the list are ordered by chromosome and physical

  - copy number parameters in the featureData of the CopyNumberSet
    element are thresholded

2009-07-14 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.11

* computeCopynumber requires 10 or more samples

2009-07-16 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.12

* protocolData replacement method for CrlmmSetList objects

* added .man page for .computeCopynumber 

* Suggests VanillaICE (>= 1.7.8)  -- needed to run the copynumber.Rnw

2009-07-16 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.13

* fixed bug 'DF.PRIOR not found'

2009-07-16 R Scharpf - committed version 1.3.14

* fixed malformed DESCRIPTION file

2009-07-31 B Carvalho - committed version 1.3.16

* Removed several warnings at the C-level

* Fixed several incorrect links in the documentation

* Removed multiple notes "no visible binding for global variable"
  by replacing, in crlmmIlluminaWrapper and crlmmWrapper,
  a) samplesheet5 by get("samplesheet5")
  b) path by get("path")
  c) res by get("res")

2009-08-04 R. Scharpf - committed version 1.3.17

* changed readIdatFiles function to check whether arrayNames is NULL

2009-08-13 R. Scharpf - committed version 1.3.18

* move Biobase to Depends
* removed GGdata from suggests (problem with loading illuminaHumanv1.db)
* overhaul of vignette
* added update() method for copy number
* added documentation and error checks for crlmmWrapper

2009-08-14 R. Scharpf - committed version 1.3.19

* changes to crlmmWrapper (trying to make this handle the illumina platform as well...still needs testing)
  - removed crlmmIlluminaWrapper.Rd, and commented crlmmIlluminaWrapper function
* labeled figures / displayed output of code chunks in the copy number vignette
* added bibliography for copy number vignette.  Added file inst/doc/refs.bib
* added boxplot method 

2009-10-03 R. Scharpf - committed version 1.3.21

* modified crlmmWrapper function
* modified illumina copy number vignette (still needs debugging)
* changed title of copy number vignette
* added reference to the crlmm paper
* changed copyNumber() method so that CA + NA = NA, CB + NA = NA (previously had CA+NA=CA, but this can result in a lot of zeros, depending on the genotype)
* new method: addFeatureAnnotation
* support for snp5.0

2009-10-04 R. Scharpf - committed version 1.3.22

* changed default path argument for readIdatFiles to empty quotes
* fixed bug in update method for character strings
* updated addFeatureAnnotation so that CHR arg not required
* fixed bug in nonpolymorphic function -- function checks whether any regions are pseudoautosomal 
* fixed bug in list2locusset function (no longer assigns genomewidesnp6 as the default annotation)

2009-10-16 R. Scharpf - committed version 1.3.23

 * 100*CA, 100*CB are stored in the CA, CB assayDataElements.  The
   replacement method automatically converts a matrix on the copy
   number scale to an integer representation by scaling by a factor of
   100. The accessor methods for CA, CB automatically divide by 100 to
   return estimates back on the original copy number scale.

 * more debugging of readIdatFiles and illumina copy number vignette.

 * updated illumina_copynumber vignette

2009-10-25 M Ritchie - committed version 1.3.24

 * fixed bug in readIdatFiles()

 * updated crlmmIllumina.Rnw and crlmmIllumina.pdf