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\title{Calculate the posterior mean of the integer copy numbers}

  Computes the posterior mean copy number from the bivariate normal
  prediction regions.


calculatePosteriorMean(object, posteriorProb, copyNumber = 0:4, w, ...)
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    A \code{CNSet} object.
    The posterior probability for copy numbers 0-4.

    Integer vector.
  The prior probability for the copy numbers in \code{copyNumber}
  An array  (features x samples x copy number)

R. Scharpf

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  \code{\link{predictionRegion}}, \code{\link{posteriorProbability}}
pr <- predictionRegion(sample.CNSet, copyNumber=0:4)
pp <- posteriorProbability(sample.CNSet, predictRegion=pr)
pm <- calculatePosteriorMean(sample.CNSet, posteriorProb=pp, w=rep(1/5, 5))
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