Preprocessing tool for SNP arrays.
  SNPRMA will preprocess SNP chips. The preprocessing consists of
  quantile normalization to a known target distribution and
  summarization to the SNP-Allele level.
snprma(filenames, mixtureSampleSize = 10^5, fitMixture = FALSE, eps = 0.1, verbose = TRUE, seed = 1, cdfName, sns)
    'character' vector with file names.
    Sample size to be use when fitting the mixture model.
    'logical'. Fit the mixture model?
    Stop criteria.
    Seed to be used when sampling.
    cdfName: 'GenomeWideSnp\_5', 'GenomeWideSnp\_6'
    Sample names.
  \item{A}{Summarized intensities for Allele A}
  \item{B}{Summarized intensities for Allele B}
  \item{sns}{Sample names}
  \item{gns}{SNP names}
  \item{SNR}{Signal-to-noise ratio}
  \item{mixtureParams}{Parameters from mixture model}
  \item{cdfName}{Name of the CDF}
if (require(genomewidesnp5Crlmm) & require(hapmapsnp5) & require(oligoClasses)){
  path <- system.file("celFiles", package="hapmapsnp5")

  ## the filenames with full path...
  ## very useful when genotyping samples not in the working directory
  cels <- list.celfiles(path, full.names=TRUE)
  snprmaOutput <- snprma(cels)