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<p align="center"> <img src="corral_sticker.png" width="180"/> </p> # corral *Dimensionality reduction and batch integration methods for single cell data* corral is a package to perform correspondence analysis on count data, particularly for single-cell (e.g., RNA-seq). It can be used on a single table for dimensionality reduction, or it can be used for integration across batches, samples, and modes. To install the dev version: `devtools::install_github('laurenhsu1/corral')` Or it can be installed with `BiocManager::install("laurenhsu1/corral", dependencies = TRUE)` # How to The package contains two main function calls: 1. `corral` for dimensionality reduction on a single table 2. `corralm` for alignment and batch integration of multiple tables See the vignettes for details on outputs and how to plot.