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<!-- badges: start --> [![R-CMD-check](]( [![Codecov test coverage](]( [![Generic badge](]( <!-- badges: end --> <img src='man/figures/logo.png' align="right" height="138.5"/> # R package: condiments ## Installation You can install the `condiments` from [bioconductor]( using ```r if(!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) { install.packages("BiocManager") } BiocManager::install("condiments") ``` To install the development version in `R`, run: ```r if(!requireNamespace("devtools", quietly = TRUE)) { install.packages("devtools") } devtools::install_github("HectorRDB/condiments") ``` The installation should only take a few seconds. The dependencies of the package are listed in the DESCRIPTION file of the package. ## Issues and bug reports Please use to submit issues, bug reports, and comments. ## Usage Start with the vignette [online]( or explore on of our case studies in the paper [here](