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# R package: clusterExperiment Functions for running and comparing many different clusterings of single-cell sequencing data. ## News and Updates * Version 2.3.0 is on Bioconductor (development version) with many new changes. Checkout out a [brief description]( of the major changes. For complete details, see the [NEWS]( file. * Summary of changes from previous versions: - Version 2.0.0 [brief description]( ## Publications * The paper acompanying this package can be found at: Risso D, Purvis L, Fletcher R, Das D, Ngai J, Dudoit S, Purdom E (2018) "clusterExperiment and RSEC: A Bioconductor package and framework for clustering of single-cell and other large gene expression datasets" PLoS Comput Biol. 2018 Sep 4;14(9):e1006378 [link]( There is a github repository ([epurdom/RSECPaper]( for this paper that gives the code for reproducing the analysis in that manuscript. * A [F1000 workflow]( demonstrating the use of RSEC for clustering as part of trajectory estimation with the package `slingshot` and normalization with `zinbwave` Perraudeau F, Risso D, Street K, Purdom E, and Dudoit S (2017) "Bioconductor workflow for single-cell RNA sequencing: Normalization, dimensionality reduction, clustering, and lineage inference" F1000Research 6:1158. * A compiled version of the vignette (i.e. tutorial) of the github version of `clusterExperiment` (corresponding to the `master` branch) can be found (here)[] * The compiled version of the vignette corresponding to the version of `clusterExperiment` available with the latest release of Bioconductor can be found (here)[] ## Installation instructions ### Installation From Bioconductor We recommend installation of the package via bioconductor. ```r if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly=TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("clusterExperiment") ``` To install the most recent version of the package available on the development branch of bioconductor, follow the above instructions, after downloading the development version of bioconductor (see [here]( for instructions). If you are having problems installing/updating the package `gsl` from source because your gsl installation is not found, [this answer]( (and the comment following it) on stackoverflow may be of help. ### Installation of Github Version: We generally try to keep the bioconductor *devel* version up-to-date with the *master* branch of this git repository. But since this can require installing R and/or bioconductor development version, it can be convenient to be able to get just the most recent version from github. You can install the github version via ```r library(devtools) install_github("epurdom/clusterExperiment") ``` ### Development branch: The `develop` branch is our development branch where we are actively updating features, and may contain bugs or be in the process of being updated. You should not use the `develop` branch unless it passes TravisCI checks (see below) and you want to be using a *very* beta version. The development branch can be installed via the `install_github` command above, but indicating the `develop` branch: ```r library(devtools) install_github("epurdom/clusterExperiment", ref="develop") ``` ## Status Checks Below are status checks for the package. Note that occassionally errors do not appear here immediately. Clicking on the link will give you the most up-to-date status. | Resource: | Status | | ------------- | ------------ | | Bioc Release | [![BiocDevel Status](](| | Bioc Development | [![BiocDevel Status](](| | Travis CI master | [![Build Status](]( | | Travis CI develop | [![Build Status](]( | | Appveyor master | [![AppVeyor Build Status](]( | | Appveyor develop | [![AppVeyor Build Status](]( | <!-- | Test coverage | [![Coverage Status](]( | --> ## Issues and bug reports Please use to submit issues, bug reports, and comments.