January 13, 2022
View f2c7a5b4

Correct typo

Yuan authored on 13/01/2022 20:54:23
October 4, 2021
View 7c5d27c9

Updated version, docs, nav bar, and NEWS

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 04/10/2021 16:44:28
October 1, 2021
View b6ef607d

Speed up sparse matrix assignmnet

Yuan authored on 01/10/2021 04:19:10
July 7, 2021
View 7858987e

Fixed bug in cG_CalcGibbsProbY that occured when numeric values in the matrix are not integers. Some input parameters were still typed at IntegerVector/Matrix and needed to be converted to NumericVector/Matrix

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 07/07/2021 15:30:48
April 11, 2021
View 8444eb01

Fixed bug in sparse matrix colsums/rowsums. Changed signature of S4 method for perplexity to ANY.

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 11/04/2021 22:10:26
April 5, 2021
View 09a819f3

Fixed numeric matrix computations in celda_C. Added ability to use numeric and sparse matrices in celda_G and celda_CG

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 05/04/2021 02:40:50
April 4, 2021
View 811c0908

Added sparse matrix sums functions

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 04/04/2021 01:42:18
View e98a669e

Added _rowSumByGroupChange_numeric and _colSumByGroupChange_numeric along with corresponding R functions for working with numeric matrices

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 04/04/2021 01:39:55
April 1, 2021
View 46467195

Updated cG_calcGibbsProbY function to take in vector instead of full counts matrix

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 01/04/2021 16:19:36
March 17, 2021
View 44efa168

add reorderCelda for sce objects

zhewa authored on 17/03/2021 18:28:35
March 15, 2021
View d461e4d9

Modified report functions and rmarkdown

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 15/03/2021 18:46:04
March 5, 2021
View 166e5053

update parameter to camel case and update documents

Yuan authored on 05/03/2021 17:25:33
February 19, 2021
View cfbd95a3

RCPP export file

Yuan authored on 19/02/2021 02:06:39
February 18, 2021
View c03c51bd

some env files

Yuan authored on 18/02/2021 20:52:41
April 3, 2020
View 2e0b9d63

Added ability to set delta prior in DecontX directly so users could for more or less estimation of contamination

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 03/04/2020 04:07:38