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\title{Feature Expression Violin Plot}
plotCeldaViolin(x, ...)

  useAssay = "counts",
  altExpName = "featureSubset",
  exactMatch = TRUE,
  plotDots = TRUE,
  dotSize = 0.1

  exactMatch = TRUE,
  plotDots = TRUE,
  dotSize = 0.1
\item{x}{Numeric matrix or a \linkS4class{SingleCellExperiment} object
with the matrix located in the assay slot under \code{useAssay}. Rows
represent features and columns represent cells.}

\item{...}{Ignored. Placeholder to prevent check warning.}

\item{features}{Character vector. Uses these genes for plotting.}

\item{useAssay}{A string specifying which \link{assay}
slot to use if \code{x} is a
\linkS4class{SingleCellExperiment} object. Default "counts".}

\item{altExpName}{The name for the \link{altExp} slot
to use. Default "featureSubset".}

\item{exactMatch}{Logical. Whether an exact match or a partial match using
\code{grep()} is used to look up the feature in the rownames of the counts
 matrix. Default \code{TRUE}.}

\item{plotDots}{Boolean. If \code{TRUE}, the
expression of features will be plotted as points in addition to the violin
curve. Default \code{TRUE}.}

\item{dotSize}{Numeric. Size of points if \code{plotDots = TRUE}.
Default \code{0.1}.}

\item{celdaMod}{Celda object of class "celda_G" or "celda_CG". Used only if
\code{x} is a matrix object.}
Violin plot for each feature, grouped by celda cluster
Outputs a violin plot for feature expression data.
plotCeldaViolin(x = sceCeldaCG, features = "Gene_1")
data(celdaCGSim, celdaCGMod)
plotCeldaViolin(x = celdaCGSim$counts,
   celdaMod = celdaCGMod,
   features = "Gene_1")