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[![Bioconductor Time](]( "Bioconductor status") [![Bioconductor Availability](]( "Platform availability") [![Bioconductor Downloads](]( "Percentile downloads") [![Bioconductor Commits](]( "svn commits") [![Support posts](]( "Bioconductor support posts") [![Build Status](]( "travis build status") [![Bioconductor Release Build](]( "Bioconductor release build") [![Bioconductor Devel Build](]( "Bioconductor devel build") # categoryCompare A Bioconductor package for meta analysis of high-throughput datasets using enriched feature annotations instead of just the features themselves. See the "Description" file for additional requirements. ## Documentation The [Vignette][vignLink] provides a description of the thinking behind this package as well as a toy example for demonstration purposes. ## Installation Installation of this package from Github requires the [devtools][devtoolsLink] package. ```r install.packages("devtools") library(devtools) install_github("categoryCompare", "rmflight") ``` Alternatively, you can install **categoryCompare** from Bioconductor itself. ```r if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly=TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("categoryCompare") ``` [vignLink]: "categoryCompare Vignette" [devtoolsLink]: "devtools" ## Citation Flight RM, Harrison BJ, Mohammad F, Bunge MB, Moon LDF, Petruska JC and Rouchka EC (2014). .CATEGORYCOMPARE, an analytical tool based on feature annotations. _Frontiers in Genetics_. [link]( ## Bug Reports / Issues The official development site for `categoryCompare` is at There you may submit bug-reports / issues / comments to the developer.