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\title{Obtain the environment path}
\item{env}{A \linkS4class{BasiliskEnvironment} object specifying the environment.
Alternatively a string containing a path to an existing environment.}
String containing the path to an instantiated Conda environment.

For a BasiliskEnvironment \code{env}, the function will also lazily create the environment if \code{useSystemDir()} returns \code{FALSE}
and the environment does not already exist.
Obtain a path to a Conda environment, lazily installing it if necessary.

tmploc <- file.path(tempdir(), "my_package_A")
if (!file.exists(tmploc)) {
    setupBasiliskEnv(tmploc, c('pandas=1.4.3'))

env <- BasiliskEnvironment("test_env", "basilisk", 
    packages=c("scikit-learn=1.1.1", "pandas=1.43.1"))
Aaron Lun