Package: TransView
Type: Package
Title: Read density map construction and accession. Visualization of
        ChIPSeq and RNASeq data sets
Version: 1.47.0
Author: Julius Muller
Maintainer: Julius Muller <>
Description: This package provides efficient tools to generate, access
        and display read densities of sequencing based data sets such
        as from RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq.
License: GPL-3
LazyLoad: yes
Depends: methods, GenomicRanges
Imports: BiocGenerics, S4Vectors (>= 0.9.25), IRanges, zlibbioc, gplots
Suggests: RUnit, pasillaBamSubset, BiocManager
LinkingTo: Rhtslib (>= 1.99.1)
SystemRequirements: GNU make
biocViews: ImmunoOncology, DNAMethylation, GeneExpression, Transcription, Microarray,
        Sequencing, Sequencing, ChIPSeq, RNASeq, MethylSeq, DataImport,
        Visualization, Clustering, MultipleComparison