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\title{Measure a path's progression}
pathProgression(path, from = 1, to = nrow(path), d = ncol(path), direction)
\item{path}{- An n x d matrix}

\item{from}{- The point along the path to be taken as the starting
point.  This defaults to 1.}

\item{to}{- The point along the path to be used as the end point.
This defaults to nrow(path).}

\item{d}{- The dimension to be used.  This defaults to ncol(path).}

\item{direction}{- A non-zero numeric whose length is the the
This returns a numeric given the signed distance projection
    of the path along the line through its starting point in the
    given direction.
This function measures the progress of a path in a specified
direction.  This direction will typically be the center of its
projection onto the sphere as revealed using your favorite
progress =
progress =