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# TimiRGeN R Package author: "Krutik Patel, Bioinformatician at Newcastle University UK" email: date: "09 04 2022" The TimiRGeN package is made for researchers that wish to analyse time series microRNA-mRNA data sets after differential expression analysis. TimiRGeN offers users the ability to integrate the multi-omic data, perform functionally analysis, and to visualise this. Data can easily be exported to cytoscape or pathvisio. Please read the [vignette]( for more information . Follow the instructions on the [Pathvisio_GRN_guide]( found in the issues of the github repository for help in constructing networks and further development of GRNs. # Citation citation: K Patel, S Chandrasegaran, I M Clark, C J Proctor, D A Young, D P Shanley, TimiRGeN: R/Bioconductor package for time series microRNA-mRNA integration and analysis, Bioinformatics, 2021;, btab377,