Package: Streamer
Type: Package
Title: Enabling stream processing of large files
Version: 1.24.0
Author: Martin Morgan, Nishant Gopalakrishnan
Maintainer: Martin Morgan <>
Description: Large data files can be difficult to work with in R,
    where data generally resides in memory. This package encourages a
    style of programming where data is 'streamed' from disk into R via
    a `producer' and through a series of `consumers' that, typically
    reduce the original data to a manageable size. The package
    provides useful Producer and Consumer stream components for
    operations such as data input, sampling, indexing, and
    transformation; see package?Streamer for details.
License: Artistic-2.0
LazyLoad: yes
Imports: methods, graph, RBGL, parallel, BiocGenerics
Suggests: RUnit, Rsamtools (>= 1.5.53), GenomicAlignments, Rgraphviz
biocViews: Infrastructure, DataImport
  Streamer-class.R Producer-class.R Consumer-class.R Stream-class.R
  ConnectionProducer-classes.R RawInput-class.R Seq-class.R
  Downsample-class.R FunctionProducerConsumer-classes.R
  ParallelParam-classes.R Team-class.R Team-methods.R Reducer-class.R
  DAGParam-class.R DAGParam-methods.R DAGTeam-class.R
  lapply-methods.R stream-methods.R plot-methods.R