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SeqArray: Big Data Management of Genome-Wide Sequencing Variants === [![Build Status](]( ## Features Big data management of genome-wide variants using the CoreArray C++ library: genotypic data and annotations are stored in an array-oriented manner, offering efficient access of genetic variants using the S programming language. ## Bioconductor: Development Version: v1.7.5 []( ## Installation * Bioconductor repository: ```R source("") biocLite("SeqArray") ``` * Development version from Github: ```R library("devtools") install_github("zhengxwen/gdsfmt") install_github("zhengxwen/SeqArray") ``` The `install_github()` approach requires that you build from source, i.e. `make` and compilers must be installed on your system -- see the [R FAQ]( for your operating system; you may also need to install dependencies manually. * Install the package from the source code: [gdsfmt](, [SeqArray]( ```sh wget --no-check-certificate -O gdsfmt_latest.tar.gz wget --no-check-certificate -O SeqArray_latest.tar.gz ## Or curl -L -o gdsfmt_latest.tar.gz curl -L -o SeqArray_latest.tar.gz ## Install R CMD INSTALL gdsfmt_latest.tar.gz R CMD INSTALL SeqArray_latest.tar.gz ```