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# SCFA Subtyping via Consensus Factor Analysis (SCFA) can efficiently remove noisy signals from consistent molecular patterns in order to reliably identify cancer subtypes and accurately predict risk scores of patients. # How to install - The package can be installed from this repository. - Install devtools: `utils::install.packages('devtools')` - Install the package using: `devtools::install_github('duct317/SCFA')` - When the package is loaded, it will check for the necessary `libtorch`: `library(SCFA)` `libtorch` can be installed using: `torch::install_torch()` # Example Please follow the vignette to run the package on example data. # Citation: Tran, D., Nguyen, H., Le, U., Bebis, G., Luu, H. N., & Nguyen, T. (2020). A Novel Method for Cancer Subtyping and Risk Prediction Using Consensus Factor Analysis, <i>Frontiers in Oncology</i>, <i>10</i>, 1052. ([link](