Package: ReportingTools
Title: Tools for making reports in various formats
Version: 2.28.0
Author: Jason A. Hackney, Melanie Huntley, Jessica L. Larson, Christina
        Chaivorapol, Gabriel Becker, and Josh Kaminker
Maintainer: Jason A. Hackney <>, Gabriel Becker
        <>, Jessica L. Larson <>
Depends: methods, knitr, utils
Imports: Biobase,hwriter,Category,GOstats,limma(>=
        3.17.5),lattice,AnnotationDbi,edgeR, annotate,PFAM.db,
        GSEABase, BiocGenerics(>= 0.1.6), grid, XML, R.utils,
         DESeq2(>= 1.3.41), ggplot2, ggbio, IRanges
Suggests: RUnit, ALL, hgu95av2.db,, shiny, pasilla, org.Sc.sgd.db
Type: Package
LazyLoad: yes
License: Artistic-2.0
Description: The ReportingTools software package enables users to
        easily display reports of analysis results generated from
        sources such as microarray and sequencing data.  The package
        allows users to create HTML pages that may be viewed on a web
        browser such as Safari, or in other formats readable by
        programs such as Excel.  Users can generate tables with
        sortable and filterable columns, make and display plots, and
        link table entries to other data sources such as NCBI or larger
        plots within the HTML page.  Using the package, users can also
        produce a table of contents page to link various reports
        together for a particular project that can be viewed in a web
        browser.  For more examples, please visit our site: http://
ByteCompile: TRUE
VignetteBuilder: utils, knitr
biocViews: ImmunoOncology, Software, Visualization, Microarray, RNASeq, GO, DataRepresentation,