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\title{Set node weights}
setNodeWeights(graphList, weights = NULL, defaultWeight = 1)
\item{graphList}{a list of \code{graph} (e.g., \code{\link{graphNEL}}) objects}

\item{weights}{named vector or matrix; if vector, the node is going to have the same weight in all graphs it appears;
if matrix, the rows represent nodes and columns represent graphs and the node will have different weights in each pathway}

\item{defaultWeight}{the default weight for all nodes not set by the parameter \code{weights}}
The \code{graphList} with the node weights set.
Set node weights

# load the set of pathways
kpg <- keggPathwayGraphs("hsa")

kpg <- setNodeWeights(kpg)


Calin Voichita and Sorin Draghici