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\title{Pathway-Express result class}
This class is used to encode the results of the pathway analysis performed by the function \code{\link{pe}}.
The slots \code{input} and \code{ref} record global information related to the whole analysis, 
while the \code{pathways} slot records the specific results as \code{\link{pePathway-class}} for each one of the pathways used in the analysis.

    \item{\code{pathways}:}{A list of \code{\link{pePathway-class}} objects.}
    \item{\code{input}:}{named vector of fold changes used for the analysis. The names of the vector are the IDs originaly used.}
    \item{\code{ref}:}{character vector containing the IDs used as reference in the analysis.}
    \item{\code{cutOffFree}:}{boolean value indicating if a cut-of-free analysis has been performed.}
Calin Voichita and Sorin Draghici
\code{\link{pe}}, \code{\link{pePathway-class}}