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\title{Download and parse KEGG pathway data}
keggPathwayGraphs(organism = "hsa", targRelTypes = c("GErel", "PCrel",
  "PPrel"), relPercThresh = 0.9, nodeOnlyGraphs = FALSE,
  updateCache = FALSE, verbose = TRUE)
\item{organism}{organism code as defined by KEGG}

\item{targRelTypes}{target relation types}

\item{relPercThresh}{percentage of the number of relation types over all possible realtions in the pathway}

\item{nodeOnlyGraphs}{allow graphs with no edges}

\item{updateCache}{re-download KEGG data}

\item{verbose}{show progress of downloading and parsing}
A list of \code{\link{graphNEL}} objects encoding the pathway information.
Download and parse KEGG pathway data

# The pathway cache provided as part of the pathway contains only the 
# pathways that passed the default filtering. We recommend, re-downloading
# the pathways using the updateCache parameter
kpg <- keggPathwayGraphs("hsa")

# to update the pathway cache for human run:
# kpg <- keggPathwayGraphs("hsa", updateCache = TRUE)
# this is time consuming and depends on the available bandwith.



Calin Voichita and Sorin Draghici