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\title{Stop a job}
stop_job(url, job_id)
\item{url}{string url of server: It must contain the server address 
and base url; service name is added automatically}

\item{job_id}{string id of the job}
It stops a specific current query job
If error occurs, a specific error is printed


## Login to GMQL REST services suite at remote url

remote_url = "http://www.gmql.eu/gmql-rest/"

## This statement shows all jobs at GMQL remote system and selects one 
## running job, saving it into 'jobs_1' (in this case is the first of the 
## list), and then stop it

list_jobs <- show_jobs_list(remote_url)
jobs_1 <- list_jobs$jobs[[1]]
stop_job(remote_url, jobs_1)