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\title{Save GMQL query}
save_query(url, queryName, queryTxt)

save_query_fromfile(url, queryName, filePath)
\item{url}{string url of server: It must contain the server address 
and base url; service name is added automatically}

\item{queryName}{string name of query}

\item{queryTxt}{string text of GMQL query}

\item{filePath}{string local file path of a txt file containing a GMQL query}
It saves a GMQL query into repository, taken from file or inserted as text 
string, using the proper GMQL web service available on a remote server
If you save a query with the same name of another query already stored 
in repository, you will overwrite it; if no error occurs, it prints: 
"Saved", otherwise it prints the error

## Login to GMQL REST services suite as guest

remote_url = "http://www.gmql.eu/gmql-rest/"

## This statement saves query written directly as input string parameter 
## with name "dna_query" 

save_query(remote_url, "example_query",

## With system.file() this statement  defines the path to the folder 
## "example" of the package "RGMQL", and then it saves the query written 
## in the text file "query1.txt" into remote repository

test_path <- system.file("example", package = "RGMQL")
test_query <- file.path(test_path, "query1.txt")
save_query_fromfile(remote_url, "query1", test_query)