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\title{Function read}
read_gmql(dataset, parser = "CustomParser", is_local = TRUE, is_GMQL = TRUE)

\item{dataset}{folder path for GMQL dataset or dataset name on repository}

\item{parser}{string used to parsing dataset files.
The Parsers available are:
Default is CustomParser.}

\item{is_local}{logical value indicating local or remote dataset}

\item{is_GMQL}{logical value indicating GMQL dataset or not}

GMQLDataset object. It contains the value to use as input 
for the subsequent GMQLDataset method
It reads a GMQL dataset, as a folder containing some homogenus samples on 
disk or as a GRangesList, saving it in Scala memory in a way that can be 
referenced in R. It is also used to read a repository dataset in case of
remote processing.
Normally, a GMQL dataset contains an XML schema file that contains
name of region attributes. (e.g chr, start, stop, strand)"
The CustomParser reads this XML schema; 
if you already know what kind of schema your files have, use one of the 
parsers defined, without reading any XML schema.

If GRangesList has no metadata: i.e. metadata() is empty, two metadata are
\item{"provider" = "PoliMi"}
\item{"application" = "RGMQL"}

## This statement initializes and runs the GMQL server for local execution 
## and creation of results on disk. Then, with system.file() it defines 
## the path to the folder "DATASET" in the subdirectory "example" 
## of the package "RGMQL" and opens such folder as a GMQL dataset 
## named "data" using CustomParser

test_path <- system.file("example", "DATASET", package = "RGMQL")
data = read_gmql(test_path)

## This statement opens such folder as a GMQL dataset named "data" using 
## "NarrowPeakParser" 
dataPeak = read_gmql(test_path,"NarrowPeakParser")

## This statement reads a remote public dataset stored into GMQL system 
## repository. For a public dataset in a (remote) GMQL repository the 
## prefix "public." is needed before dataset name

remote_url = "http://www.gmql.eu/gmql-rest/"
data1 = read_gmql("public.Example_Dataset_1", is_local = FALSE)